Teach in Conference

October 26, 2016


The Teach-In conference taking place October 26–27 at The Harvard Innovation Lab, in Boston, USA, offers an unpretentious format: simple 90-minute whiteboard sessions run by some of the world’s top corporate innovators. All participants are invited to ask questions and share their thoughts. Know more here.

Is employee engagement worth it? Good&Co shows how much

June 1, 2016

Advanced Learning

Is it simply a ‘feel-good initiative’ or is employee engagement truly effective? If you’re in charge of an innovation programme and you need to get your teams on board, you most likely know already how relevant this is. Good&Co, a self-described ‘matchmaker-slash-headhunter in a lab coat’, now helps everyone visualise engagement results with an infographic […]

best of innovation library in 2015

Best of Innovation Library from 2015

December 31, 2015

Innovation Factory

What was trending in innovation management in 2015? What was top of mind for managers, business leaders and innovation seekers? What challenges lie now ahead? The following are the top 10 stories we curated for you in the first (half a) year of our Innovation Library – soon to be remastered.

Chaordix, Crowd Intelligence

March 24, 2015

Innovation Network

‘We help enterprises draw upon their communities to better perform’ By Chaordix team