man welding for product innovation in business strategy

The product innovation race in business strategy

July 5, 2018

Innovation Factory

With most organisations looking to create new products, services or business models in the coming years as their primary strategy to generate organic growth, traditional companies are under intense pressure to develop innovative products to keep the pace of innovation and meet rising customer expectations.

people working in innovation labs

Is an innovation lab the right call for your business?

May 17, 2018

Innovation Factory

There is a reason why companies like Google, Ford, Fidelity and Marriott all have their own innovation labs. Not only do they allow room for people to experiment, explore new ways of thinking and hold the promise of creating breakthrough products and services, but they also have plenty of PR value. But do they really deliver, or are they just flashy programmes that fall short of their promise?

maksen telecom network predictive maintenance

How predictive maintenance can promote innovation in the Telecom sector

October 9, 2017


Mathias Hubert and Togo Ribeiro, managers in Beijaflore Consulting Group, help you put in place an effective predictive maintenance strategy.

Four innovation ways for solving problems

Innovation is not a one-way road

June 28, 2017

Practitioners' Guide

Organisation leaders often act as if innovation has one path only, failing to see it as a complex, multifaceted business discipline, with a set of tools to meet different objectives. In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, the speaker and innovation advisor Greg Satell explores four different types of innovation and how each can solve problems, thus helping companies choose the best strategy for innovation.

Eddit Rabbitt step by step inspiration

5 tips to make change a part of your company culture

April 4, 2017


Rumman Ahmad, an MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership from Buffalo State University, talks about how corporate change can seem so daunting and how to navigate it step by step.

Check Your Assumptions

January 5, 2017


How can we check our business assumptions? Innovation author Paul Sloane gives a word of advice.

Innovation plays a critical role in hedge fund management, say KPMG, AIMA and MFA

November 17, 2016

Latest Reports

KPMG International teamed up with the Alternative Investment Management Association and Managed Funds Association to produce the report, ‘Transformative Change: How Innovation and Technology Are Shaping an Industry’.

When are firms most likely to innovate?

October 25, 2016

Practitioners' Guide

Conventional wisdom suggests that big firms invest less in disruptive technologies, to which Professors J.P. Eggers and Aseem Kaul add a new perspective. They report a ‘fundamental mismatch between the pursuit of path-breaking new innovations and their likelihood of success’.

1st Innovation Quality Summit

June 7, 2016


Modern society today expects the unexpected and accepts that the only constant is change. The first edition of Innovation Quality Summit Stuttgart will therefore focus on how to grow and become more competitive, as well as on the ability and willingness of companies and their employees to come up with new things that create value.

Healthcare Innovation Summit: Prepare to Disrupt & Protect

May 11, 2016


The Healthcare Innovation Summit brings together innovation leaders from the world’s most reputable health systems, hospitals and providers.