WebSummit 2018 Lisbon with Tim Berners-Lee

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The 3 key takeaways from the Web Summit

November 9, 2018

The Mecca of the tech world, the Web Summit brought almost 70,000 tech experts, startup founders, CEOs, investors, government leaders, international media and influential personalities from a medley of industries in 166 countries to Lisbon, Portugal, between November 5th-8th. Here's what we learnt.



‘A global network for people interested in open innovation, social media tools and thought leadership’

By Stefan Lindeegard, author, speaker, strategic advisor.


‘Observations on technology and business from someone who should know better’

By Hutch Carpenter, senior consultant at HYPE Innovation

Board of Innovation blog

‘We make corporates innovate like startups’

By the Board of Innovation team


‘Catalyzing innovative business success’

By The Brainzooming Group team

British Quality Foundation

‘The community for every business seeking excellent insights, tools and experiences to improve itself’

By Paul Sloane, author and public speaker on lateral thinking and innovation

Changing Innovation

‘The Innovation Change Strategy’

By Braden Kelley, innovation keynote speaker, trainer, and organisational change specialist

Chaordix, Crowd Intelligence

‘We help enterprises draw upon their communities to better perform’

By Chaordix team

Chief Innovator Online

‘Innovations examined’ and recent news on innovation

By BMGI team

Creativity central

‘Business ideas. creativity. innovation. brainstorming. all in one place’

By Marty Baker, chief ideator

Creativity Innovation

By ‘Inventor. Author. Speaker. Julie Austin’

David Zinger blog

By David Zinger, employee engagement speaker.

Employee engagement

‘Employee engagement for all’

Hosted by David Zinger

Entrepreneurs corner

‘A platform for Exploring Innovation, Leadership & Entrepreneurship Through Collaboration’

By several authors with wide business experience.

Front End of Innovation

‘The World Leader in Advancing Innovation’, by Orin C. Davis, positive psychology researcher and organisational consultant


‘Marketing & Strategy Innovation blog’, by Futurelab team

Game changer

‘A blog for Game-Changers. People who are willing to shake things up because they’re not content with the way things are done’

By Jorge Barba, co-founder at Spuma.

Idea champions

‘The heart of innovation’, by Idea Champions team

Idea connection

‘Global collaboration, connected innovation’, by Idea Connection team

Idea Connection blog

'Build on the genius of others'

By Idea Connection team


This is a ‘go-to source – with videos, perspectives, executive standpoints and more’, where all are invited ‘to comment, deliberate and engage’ with Infosys leaders and thinkers on the latest trends in the business world.


‘The insider’s guide to innovation’, edited by Evan I. Schwartz, American author


‘Perspectives on innovation’, by Innocentive team

Innovate on purpose

‘Dedicated to ideas, conversations and approaches for sustainable, repeatable innovation’, by Jeffrey Phillips, VP Marketing and a lead consultant for OVO Innovation.

Innovation Academy

‘Everything you need to know about innovation’

By Innovbook team

Innovation Architecture

'Engaging people through collaborative innovation'

By Doug Collins, innovation architect, working with organisations such as The Estée Lauder Companies and Johnson & Johnson.

Innovation Coach blog

Insights to 'Help leaders deliver profitable growth through sustained Innovation'

By Robert F. Brands, Innovation Practitioner and President and founder of Brands & Company, Innovation Coach®

Innovation Edge

‘Fearless Champions of Innovation’, by several innovation consultants

Innovation Excellence

‘The world’s most popular innovation website’, with several innovation and business managers articles.

Innovation in practice

‘How to use this effective, repeatable, and trainable innovation process for organic growth’, by Drew Boyd, a 30-year innovation industry veteran, and Jacob Goldenberg, marketing professor at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

Innovation Management

‘Innovation Solutions’, by several authors.

Innovation playground

By Idris Mootee, authority in Design Thinking in Innovation, CEO of Idea Couture Inc.

Innovation POV

‘How to use this effective, repeatable, and trainable innovation process for organic growth’, by Drew Boyd, a 30-year innovation industry veteran, and Jacob Goldenberg, marketing professor at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.


‘Where innovation happens’, by Innovationlabs team.


By Innovators.cc team.


‘We’ll find a way, we always have”, by Innovtoday team, including Yann Cramer, innovation learner, practitioner, writer, speaker.

Management innovation eXchange

‘It’s time to reinvent management. You can help’, a team lead by Gary Hamel, innovation guru and Professor at London Business School.

Mike Shipulski blog

‘Innovation, Product Development, Design’, by Mike Shipulski, director of advanced development at Hypertherm, Inc.

Open Innovation blog

‘The latest new, research, discussion & application of open innovation’

By Joel Wes, professor of innovation & entrepreneurship at the Keck Graduate Institute

Outside Innovation

‘New ways to engage customers in co-designing your company’s future’

By Patricia Seybold, founder and CEO of the Patricia Seybold Group.


‘Building the Innovation DNA’, by Paul Hobcraft, advisor and facilitator on innovation transformation.

Phil McKinney

‘Phil’s mission is to help innovators become better at innovating’, by innovation guru Phil McKinney.

Report 103

‘The most original thinker in creativity & innovation today’

By Jeffrey Paul Baumgartner

Seth Godin typepad

‘Riffs on marketing, respect and the ideas spread’

By Seth Godin, American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker.

Six thinking hats

‘The latest news on Six Thinking Hats, Edward de Bono, and Innovation’, by de Bono Consulting team

Stephen Shapiro blog

By Stephen Shapiro, innovation speaker and advisor who works with companies in all industries.

TED blog

Top stories presented by Ted, the nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, with over 60 contributors.

The Chief Innovation Officer

‘Latest thoughts’ by Bill Poston, innovation transformation thought leader, founder and managing director of Kalyspo.

The Complete Innovator

‘Ideas and Best Practices on Innovation, Collaboration, and Social Media’

By Boris Pluskowski, innovation, collaboration, and social crowd strategist.

Think for a change

‘Imagine the future. Make it happen…’

By Paul R. Williams, leader of Project Management at PAI

TIM Foundation

‘Home of the international Innovation Management Standard’

By non-profit Total Innovation Management Foundation team

Tim Kastelle blog

‘The Discipline of Innovation’

By Tim Kastelle, academic director – consulting programs at University of Queensland Business School.


‘Interactive online community where inventors, innovators, and experts share information that helps entrepreneurs to start-up and grow their businesses’, by several contributors.

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A better connected world

This eight part series will reveal how cutting-edge technology is changing the way we conduct our lives and connect with the world around us

Cool Business Ideas

A site that gathers brand new, promising business ideas and opportunities from around the world.

Harvard Business Review

With Harvard University’s mark of quality, a publication that connects academia and enterprises around the globe to improve management practices.


A guide to entrepreneurship and innovation in business and design, as well as science and technology (based in New Zealand).


Based on video, a micro news service focused on innovative trends across industries worldwide.


A platform that provides relevant insights in technology, finance and markets, both for practitioners and people interested in innovation management.

Inventors digest

A publication on innovation culture, offering ‘useful, entertaining and cutting-edge information’.


Leading digital network on technology, business and innovation, engaging 40 million unique visitors every month.

More Inspiration

A database of the latest innovations with almost 5,000 inspiring products and technologies.

Prescouter Journal

A technology and events platform living up to the mission: to ‘expose the world to inventions that would otherwise be lost’.


A news website powered by a network of 17,000 spotters who scan the globe for smart new business ideas.


Well-known for its appealing talks on global issues, TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to the motto ‘Ideas worth spreading’, a must-follow for all seeking inspiration and enthusiasm.

The State of Innovation

Reuters' website focused on the lifecycle of innovation and the iterative process of discovering, protecting and commercialising ideas. Know more here.

The Verge

A news site that ‘covers the intersection of technology, science, art and culture’ with thorough and insightful reporting and news coverage.


Tracing new consumer trends worldwide, a website that helps business professionals to detect new opportunities.


Leading U.S. magazine that reports on how emerging technologies influence and change culture, economies and politics.

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15inno by Stefan Lindegaard

Created by innovation management advisor Stefan Lindegaard, 15inno keeps you posted on the latest events and thoughts on innovation. A great spot to meet innovative minds enthusiastically sharing their experience.

Backend of innovation

Backend covers the process that follows the generation of an idea. This group will challenge you with insights on how to execute ideas, commercialise your products and create value.

Board of innovation

This is the place to talk innovation. With nearly 15,000 members, the Board of Innovation Group allows you to expand you network and exchange ideas with great minds ready to question traditional models.

Front end of innovation

Change is changing. Seizing opportunities and understanding needs requires constant awareness. This group connects you with like-minded professionals from several industries, who can inspire you to keep thriving.
European innovators

European Innovators is a powerful resource for networking. If you are based or doing business in Europe and are interested in discussing insights on corporate innovation, this is a group to join.

Open innovation

Open innovation has become a recurrent buzzword in innovation discussions. Start here if you want to know more on strategies to use both internal and external ideas to thrive in today’s market.

Idea management

This discussion group helps you to set your organisation on the road to success. With thought-provoking debates and latest impressions on innovation, you’ll find great tips on how to manage innovation.


This is ‘where innovation happens’, Innovahub say. A group that connects you to innovators and experts. Join lively discussions and get interesting insights on how to improve innovation in your organisation.

Innovate the future

A project created by David Croslin, president of a consulting firm and expert in product development. Engage in a community where nearly 5,000 members from 70 countries take you to the forefront of innovation.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society

Join this group to get the latest updates and be informed on the events and opportunities around business innovation. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society will help you keep track of the most innovative products and business ventures.

Innovation Excellence

How to instil a culture of innovation excellence into your company? Over 25,000 participants have joined in this group to share stimulating experiences and thoughts on the subject. Worth following.

Innovation Leaders

This group presents itself as ‘The leading global voice in strategy innovation’. Partnered with Innovation Enterprise, this community shares insights on Innovation, R&D, Product Development, and Marketing and Technology, debating the latest trends within the innovation space.

Innovation Management Group

This discussion group helps you to set your organisation on the road to success. With thought-provoking debates and latest impressions on innovation, you’ll find great tips on how to manage innovation.

Innovation Management Institut

A group with the active participation of renowned experts on innovation. Stefan Lindegaard is one of them. Deepen your working knowledge of design and innovation while engaging in lively discussions.

Innovation Management.se

A must-follow for managers and innovators on LinkedIn, promoted by InnovationManagement.se. Learn from the experience of experts and practitioners worldwide who are striving to succeed in their innovation efforts.

Innovation People

A network of innovation experts eager to share their challenging insights. Created by the founder of Solution People, this group is set to unleash the innovator in you.


An open innovation project sponsored and developed by management guru Gary Hamel. With the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX) community, you can learn how to overthrow obsolete practices and reinvent your organisation for the 21th century.

Strategy, Marketing & Innovation Forum

Whether you’re an experienced manager seeking ways to innovate or an inbound entrepreneur, this group will address your needs. Find out what business model best suits your ideas.

WIRED (official group for readers)

If you’re an innovation enthusiast, this group will get you thrilled. Designed for the readers of WIRED magazine, it is truly a business hub anyone will enjoy.

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HR – Performance, Strategy & Innovation Community (Human Resources)

This group offers you interesting insights from HR managers and professionals. Learn how to keep at the forefront of innovation making the best of your human capital.

HR (#1 Human Resources Group)

With almost 1 million members, this group is run by the largest operator of LinkedIn groups – Next Dimension Media. Here you can expand your network and engage in dynamic discussions with HR professionals, recruiters and managers.

Human Resources (HR) & Talent Management Executive

Harnessing talent is a job that keeps your desk full and your mind aware. The #1 talent management group on LinkedIn will keep you posted on the latest developments on HR strategies.

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Collective intelligence

The task of coming up with innovative ideas may get lonely. The good news is that the many think better than the few. Collective intelligence teaches you how collaboration and your people’s knowledge have the power to change your business.

Crowd Funding Innovation

Crowdfunding has become a common practice in the business world. This group gives you the opportunity to expand your network and follow the latest discussions on the subject.

Employee engagement

A good manager engages team members in the purpose of his/her company. Join here lively debates on its strategic importance and how to do it.

Employee Engagement Emporium

You’ll be connected to fellow managers to whom employee engagement is not a lucky strike. If your job is to keep all your people on the same boat, this group is for you.

Future Trends

Are you looking to connect with fellow ‘trend hunters, corporate visionaries and future thinkers’ from diverse cross section industries? This is the spot for your. From Marketing through to Forecasting, Consumer Insights, Strategic Planning or Brand/Product Management, keep track of what the future is already bringing.

Lean Six Sigma

Are you seeking to make a better use of all resources available in your company, using Lean Six Sigma practices? This large community offers advice and challenging insights on how to successfully improve performance through innovation management.

Open Innovation Community

This group gathers researchers and academics ‘with a deep interest in open innovation’. Join to find the latest ideas, research, discussions and applications of open innovation and how it may suit your company.

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